Finding the right sign maker and signage solution

So you’ve established your business, designed your logo, and obtained premises - now all you need to do is commission a sign maker. Esign is an expert graphic solution company that specialises in everything from signage to wall graphics. Finding the best signs for your business can be overwhelming, to say the least. So Esign has decided to provide you with some signage advice to help you find your feet. 

Storefront signs

Storefront signage can take so many forms, it really is worth getting in touch with an expert sign maker and considering their advice. But here are some preliminary questions to consider before getting started.

Firstly, what is the purpose of your business? For example, it is equally important for a restaurant on the high street, and an outlet on an industrial estate to have high quality, storefront signage. But, they aren’t going to want the same storefront signage. The restaurant owner may benefit most from projecting, halo lit signage whereas the outlet may benefit from an aluminium tray sign fit with a trough light. 

As experts in graphic solutions, Esign are able to provide you with advice about what signage is best for you and your business. But if you want to gain more of an idea about what you’re looking for before getting in touch with a sign maker, take a look below! 

Koala Digital storefront sign by sign maker - Esign

Halo lit sign lettering

Halo lit lettering is a form of illuminated signage. Unlike a trough light, halo lit sign lettering provides a more contemporary look. This kind of signage is particularly appropriate for businesses in the hospitality industry that have a sleek and sophisticated brand identity. It is important to acknowledge halo lit lettering only works with projecting or 3-dimensional lettering. If your brand features a simple logo and your signage is looking for minimalist lettering (rather than more artistic or elaborate graphics) then this is the best signage to enquire about. Then all you need is to commission an expert sign maker!

What is your business trying to achieve and therefore emphasise? You can discuss all of these details with our team to find out if halo lit lettering signage solutions are the right choice for your business.

Directional and wayfinding signage

Are you looking for more than storefront signage? 

Maybe you’re searching for totems to mark the entrance of your business, or to find your way around the premises. Perhaps there is a particular route people have to take in your building, or you need to maintain order at your premises. In cases like these, you may be in need of wayfinding and directional signage. 

As expert sign makers, Esign has had a hand in our fair share of directional and wayfinding signage projects. Totems and exterior directional signage for Konings, wall-mounted trail maps and route signage as part of our Harwich Heritage Maritime Trail. 

There are also different graphic solutions such as floor graphics that partner harmoniously with signage to provide a cohesive wayfinding route. Combining these graphic solutions work well for lots of businesses but are especially helpful for educational premises. To learn if you may be in need of wayfinding and directional signage, see our blog, or get in touch with our team today to commission the finest sign maker for your business. 

Directional sign by sign maker - Esign

Engraved plaque

This type of signage is perfect for labelling and/or small scale signage: like name plates for office doors, commemorative plaques and in some cases, directional signs. When it comes to engraved plaques, it largely depends on the aesthetic you are aiming for. It is more important to meet your brand image than choosing something you like the look of. And whilst engraved plaques always give off an air of sophistication that works well with many businesses, it often looks best when used in moderation. So consider your brand identity and what type of signage you may wish to include alongside engraved plaques.

Regardless of how many engraved plaques, you plan to commission, you’re still going to need an expert sign maker. And that’s where Esign come in! 

To discuss the design and installation of engraved plaques for your business, get in touch with us today. 

Sign maker

Projecting and suspended signage

Suspended signage is something you may be unsure of but we guarantee you’ve seen examples of them before - just head to your local pub! 

Of course, it isn’t just pubs that benefit from suspended signage solutions. In fact, a great deal of business could, and do, benefit from suspended signage. And projecting signage is even more common! On the high street, it’s these kinds of retail signage that you can see from a distance - so customers know where to go.

This type of signage is especially important and helpful in unique locations. Perhaps you're tucked away, or you're just a little set back from the road or main building. 
Whatever the case, if you feel like guests and customers are always missing your turn, you may benefit most from projecting or suspended signage. Directional signage could be beneficial, but installing a tall, distinctive marker really does wonders. 

Take one of our latest projects for example - Talbooth House and Spa recently expanded their premises to include multiple buildings. To help guests navigate the buildings, Esign designed and installed suspended signage at the Talbooth Restaurant, providing an identifiable landmark - even for people a little further away. You can read more about the Talbooth House and Spa project here.

If you’re thinking of commissioning a sign maker for suspended and/or projecting signage, get in touch with the Esign team today.

Suspended Sign

Sign maker

Projecting Sign

Projecting sign by sign maker - Esign

Commission Esign Media as your sign maker

Hopefully, this blog has helped you realise what you’re looking for and/or what is the best signage for your business! And if it hasn’t, fear not - Esign are able to provide you with expert advice when it comes to signage. Just get in touch with a member of our team - we are happy to help.