4 great reasons for wayfinding and directional signage!

Here are 4 scenarios when you may require wayfinding and directional signage!

1. Navigation for tours and trails.

We were recently commissioned by Tendring District Council to provide directional signage for the Harwich Maritime Heritage Trail. Our bespoke graphic solutions included rustic wayfinding totems, informational wall-mounted signage, and 6 ft high, 3-dimensional corten steel lettering. 

Every sign, totem, and letter was designed by the team here at Esign and we were lucky enough to have full artistic licence at every stage of this project.
We acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience designing wayfinding trails (as well as a great deal of information about The Mayflower voyage)! 

Read more about the design and installation of the Harwich Maritime Heritage Trail case study.
Spearheading this project gave us insight into the importance of directional signage in visitor navigation, and really gave us a taste for visitor tour and trail signage. 
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2. Business Premises and Exhibitions.  

If you have large business premises, you are probably all too familiar with visitors becoming confused when trying to navigate their way around your facilities. Perhaps they aren’t too sure which entrance to use, how to get to the car park, or maybe they get lost on their way to your office. 
Whether it’s new staff, clients, or visitors, it's important for there to be distinctive navigational markers. The same applies to every event and exhibition venue. 

Our bespoke graphic solutions provide you and your business with professional, high quality directional signage that promotes brand awareness. Take a look at our signage case studies to learn more about previous projects. 

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3. Educational Premises. 

It is important to maintain orderly conduct in any building, but especially on educational premises. It is also important for visitors and new students to navigate the halls and classrooms with confidence. This is when directional signage becomes an integral tool. From wall-mounted bespoke signs and identification plaques, to graphic floor decals and stand alone totem signs. There are any number of directional graphic solutions required on educational premises. 

We were previously commissioned to design, and create, interior and exterior graphics by St Andrews C of E Primary School. This included a large graphic wall wrap design, a large 10 metre outdoor banner and frosted vinyl window graphics. 

See the St Andrews C of E Primary School case study to learn more about this project. 

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4. Whenever someone may need a map.

Following directions on a map, digital or otherwise, can be confusing. It is far more practical, and beneficial for your business, to display clear directional signage to prevent any visitors becoming lost or confused.
That is why we were commissioned by Essex County Council to design and install wayfinding signage solutions for Clacton Railway Station. Our bespoke designs were drawn up and installed to help tourists and residents navigate their way around the town and beachfront. Read more about this project, in the Clacton Railway Station case study

If you’re looking to commission bespoke wayfinding and directional signage, head to our contact page to get in touch today. 

Give your business some directional signage!

There are countless reasons you may require bespoke wayfinding and directional signage solutions. Whatever your reasons, Esign are here to give you peace of mind. Every bespoke design is expertly designed, created, produced, and installed to the highest quality. Get in touch with our team today to discuss bespoke directional signage and graphic solutions for your business.