What your business signage says about your company.

The importance of business signage.

What your business signage says about you can speak volumes about you as a company, as it’s the first thing that people see to recognise you and understand all there is about who you are. Poor signage can taint your business image meaning your customers may trust you less, not believe in your professionalism or just engage less with you as a business overall.

We believe as a full-service signage company that creates everything bespoke, we can most definitely offer you some assistance with the following issues with poor signage.

But what do we mean by poor signage? Here are some of our pet peeves you may have encountered with your own business signage that leave customers feeling dissatisfied or uninterested. Or maybe you’re just starting out as a business and these are some of the following issues that you need to look out for!

Burned out bulbs

If your lighting is running through your business signage unequally and certain parts are more well-lit than others, this can give an unprofessional look that is not aesthetically pleasing and is difficult to interpret.

We offer halo-lit lettering or illuminated signage as just some of our services, which can look amazing and may be right for your business if you want to stand out, especially if you need to attract attention day and night.

Broken Business Signage

Illuminated hotel business signage with broken bulbs

Vinyl signs with fading colours

Vinyl signage with fading colours which are prone to peeling over time can make your business look worn and tattered. You want your signage to be as strong and bold as you are! This is your first and foremost opportunity to catch your customer's eye.

With Esign Media we use quality materials that last and we can help guide you through what business signage will be best for you, we work with everything from bespoke fabricated signage to acrylic signage, so you don’t need to feel limited by your options either.

Poor design

Your signage may be poorly designed in the first place, with pixellated images, and muted colours or it could simply be a design that does not catch the eye and just looks a little bit off. Perhaps you have a new business or have decided to rebrand and you’re stuck for inspiration.

With Esign Media we can help from the very start with your business signage by guiding you through the graphic design process. We can design any kind of graphic which can be as eye-catching as you need using modern colour and professional graphic solutions.

Non-existent signage

Non-existent signage will make your business unrecognisable and unmemorable and could leave customers confused. It would leave your business lacking brand exposure too, however, this is a great starting point for us as we can join you at the very beginning of your business signage journey by helping build the graphics for your signage.


With Esgin Media, we don’t finish with just signage itself. You may have a space where you bring in clients like an office or studio, or one that is open to customers in full view, like a retail store or hotel.

This is as important a space as the signage itself and it says a lot about your business and your professionalism. We can help you with your decor, sprucing up the interior or exterior of your business space.

We offer a range of decor services which include self-adhesive surfaces in an endless range of materials from wooden to textile to metallic, marble or stone, that can give your space a completely new look and feel. These can be a great accompaniment to graphic business signage to update your space.

Get in touch

We hope that we’ve helped explain some of the issues that can let you down with your signage and what we can do to help. If you need any additional information about our services please feel free to contact our friendly team.

We believe we are the best sign company Colchester has to offer and can’t wait to show you what we can do for you regarding your business signage needs.