The Power of Illuminated Signage

We all know just how powerful and important good signage is for a business's success. They allow businesses an excellent way to make a lasting impression and grab the attention of potential customers.

While all bespoke signage is excellent for turning heads, some signage is more eye-catching than others. One type of signage that demands attention is illuminated signage.

Signage experts at Esign know all too well the lasting impact illuminated signage can leave. They’re bold, they're eye-catching and they're beautiful.

Here's how illuminated signage can enhance your business!

What is illuminated signage?

Illuminated signage is a type of sign that has an internal light source, typically in the form of LED or neon lights. They incorporate lighting technology to create an eye-catching display that stands out day or night. This lighting enhances the sign's visibility and catches the viewer's attention. They provide a powerful branding tool that works 24/7 to promote your business.

The Sign Research Foundation has shown that the use of illumination can increase a sign's visibility by up to 300%. Whether you're a shop, restaurant, or corporate business, the power of illuminated signage can't be underestimated for enhancing your business's success.

Colchester signs company Esign knows all too well how much of an impact illuminated signage can have. We specialise in designing, creating, and installing all types of signage, and our team of experts can help you craft a stunning illuminated sign that promotes your brand and creates a memorable experience. Contact us today to find out more!

illuminated signage for Milsoms in the dark by Esign

Why is illuminated signage so effective?

Illuminated signage is a highly effective way to boost your brand's visibility and attract potential customers. They convey information, advertise your business, and promote your brand in a beautiful, unique way. By using internal lighting, illuminated signs can ensure that your message or design remains visible in various lighting and weather conditions. They are more likely to be noticed and understood by potential customers due to their increased visibility and enhanced legibility.

Who can illuminated signage benefit?

Here at Colchester signs company Esign, we're confident that illuminated signage is an excellent choice for any business looking to sky-rocket its brand visibility.

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from illuminated signage, not just those that operate extended hours like restaurants and nightclubs. The public is more likely to remember your brand and services when you have memorable signage that stands out from the competition, making it an essential tool for any business.

Illuminated signage X bespoke signage

Our team of experts firmly believe that illuminated signage is the way to go for businesses looking to take their branding to the next level. However, using any old, generic illuminated signage can have the opposite effect!

Signage without customisation is as bad as no signage at all. Generic signs fail to set your business apart from competitors and can make you blend in with the crowd even more.

That's why Colchester signs company Esign are here to help. We specialise in creating bespoke signage solutions that are tailor-made to meet your business needs and goals. Our team of experts take pride in providing a start-to-finish service that ensures your custom sign meets your expectations.

When you choose Colchester signs company Esign, you're choosing a team who are fully committed to bringing your business success through the perfect signage.

We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, brand identity, and messaging, ensuring that your custom sign effectively conveys your message and captures the essence of your business.

Our full-service approach means that we take care of everything, from the initial consultation and custom design to manufacturing and installation. We use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that your bespoke sign is durable, long-lasting, and performs well in any environment.

Our illuminated signage solutions mean we can go beyond just expressing your brand identity - we can make it SHINE!

Using advanced technology and high-quality materials, we ensure that your signage illuminates your brand with brilliance!

Take a look at our signage solutions for more information.

illuminated signage for the Talbooth restaurant in the dark by Esign

Choose Colchester signs company Esign for your illuminated signage needs!

Illuminated signage is a powerful way to increase your brand's success, and here at Esign, we love to create bespoke signage solutions that will help you do just that.

Our friendly team is here to help you express your brand, extend your reach, and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Whether you need bespoke signage, illuminated signage, or any other signage solution, you can trust our team of experts to deliver excellence every time.

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Ready to get your glow on? Contact Colchester signs company Esign today to find out how we can take your signage to the next level!