What makes the best large event signage?

Festival season may be coming to an end but there are still plenty of reasons your organisation could still require large event signage throughout the year. 

Networking events, corporate conferences, product launches, promotional events, and perhaps even the odd recreational event are all improved with large event signage. 

So, here are a few pointers on what makes the best large event signage (and how Esign Media can tick all of the boxes)!

Striking shopfront signage that catches the eye of your attendees

Striking shopfront signage is paramount for any event that requires large event signage. You’re competing in close quarters with other stalls and you want to grab the attention of attendees meaning all of your setups, stands, and stalls require striking signage that’ll set you apart from the crowd. 

As the host, guest stalls and shopfront signage should pale in comparison to your large event signage. That’s where we come in. Our expertly designed, bespoke signage and graphic solutions will make sure you’re the best-looking one there!

Make it bespoke - keep it unique

The key to all shopfront and large event signage is making sure your graphic solutions are in a whole world of their own.

And, nothing says ‘extraordinary’ quite like bespoke large event signage

All large event signage should be a photo opportunity for attendees and your marketing team to promote your organisation (and display it on social platforms). 

Ensuring your graphic solutions and large event signage are one of a kind is something we specialise in here at Esign Media, and with our team behind you, your attendees will be grappling to snap a photo of your beautiful, bespoke signage. 

Clear, wayfinding signage to point people in the right direction

Every event requires clear signposting to guide attendees throughout the event. It creates a flow to the day/evening and remains a key feature of well-structured, enjoyable events. 

The bigger the venue, the more important directional and wayfinding signage is to your event. Because there’s nothing worse than navigating unclear signs that lead you astray.  By installing directional and wayfinding signage, your guests will be able to find what they’re looking for and know exactly where they’re heading.

To discuss bespoke directional and wayfinding signage, get in touch with the Esign team today.

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Outstanding outdoor signage

Let guests know who you are, and where you are with outstanding outdoor signage. Marking the entrance to your event doesn’t have to be just another tick off the checklist, it should be an exciting event feature in itself. 

The sign that marks the entrance to your event is the first glimpse for attendees to see what’s in store for them. And nothing makes guests more excited for an event than seeing outstanding outdoor signage as they enter the premises. 

This leads us swiftly to our next point

Quality materials

The quality of your large event signage is not something to scrimp and save on - especially when it comes to outdoor signage and large event signage. Low quality signage is easy to recognise and can’t imitate high quality signage as you might imagine. Low quality materials increase the likelihood of damage and this becomes especially noticeable for/on outdoor signage as it is exposed to the elements. Learn more about how to find outdoor signage that lasts a lifetime here.

There are always some tell-tale signs of high-quality large event signage and the reality is, that you can tell, and your attendees can tell when you’ve commissioned high quality graphic solutions. 

Make the best impression possible when you commission high quality graphic solutions with Esign Media.

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The finest large event signage in the UK

Large event signage can take many forms and change shape throughout the year. But there are some things that never change, and that’s what makes the finest large event signage. High-quality materials, bespoke designs that catch the eye, and practical wayfinding signage to lead the way. 

Follow this link to find the path to the finest large event signage in the UK.