Check out our five great reasons to use Esign Media for your festival signage this year.

With Summer soon approaching, festival season is well and truly on its way!

If you’re putting on a festival this year, you’ll probably already understand the need for festival signage as pretty much a number one essential!  Not only is there great value for the organisers in having this, but also for the participants.

Whether it's for promotion, decoration, or wayfinding (helping map out the journey for your customers), we believe that we offer some of the best festival signage in Colchester and the surrounding areas that there is.

Here at Esign our professional team are experts in creating bespoke signage from the graphic design stage to the manufacturing and the installation, so you do not need to go anywhere else.

With over three decades of experience, our team has a wealth of experience in delivering both interior and exterior signage, ideal for the festival season.

Here’s our breakdown of our five best reasons to choose Esign Media for festival signage this year.

1. Bespoke signage

All of our signage can be made bespoke for you, so you have complete autonomy over your designs. Bespoke designs will set you apart from the competition as you get to choose however you want them to look: whether it’s bold colours, striking graphics, distinct typography, or all three. This means that they are one of a kind and exactly as you wish for them to be.

Overall, going bespoke with your signage will allow you to stand out, get your message across and reach out to your customers in a way that is unique and special to your festival!

2. Eyecatching

Everyone wants their festival to be eye-catching and memorable, and our bespoke signage can certainly deliver that for you. With our festival signage, your event will feel more professional and cohesive and we can ensure that whatever designs you go for will truly bring your festival to life.

Your options are broad because they are made for you and they’re of high quality so they can be as eye-catching as you need them to be.

3. Brand awareness

Festival signage can help to promote your company by reminding people exactly where they are! 

By utilising otherwise empty spaces you can create more awareness for your brand.

This can create great photo opportunities too that can help circulate your festival signage across social media platforms creating extra exposure for your business.

4. Wayfinding

The pure practicality of having signage that helps people find their way around a festival could be one of the most important reasons for the use of festival signage.

You want your customers to be able to move around your festival easily and feel secure in the space, however big or small the festival is. Places will need naming and highlighting to make customers aware of their location and what they’re there for.

Whether it is to help people find the stage for their favourite acts, the bathrooms or the VIP areas, having these marked out will create a sense of ease in your customers who can focus on enjoying the festival whilst finding their way around smoothly.

5. Uniformity

By creating uniform signage around your festival site you can tie the look of the event together seamlessly whilst of course getting your name out there. 

The uniformity of designs can help to make the festival not only stand out but also appear more reputable as everything will have that professional feel that you want if your festival is to be a success.

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We hope we’ve been able to express to you the five best reasons to choose Esign Media for your festival signage needs this year! If you have any queries, feel free to contact us for more information.

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