Why you need the best restaurant, bar or pub signs Colchester can offer!

Is it time to refresh and revamp your hospitality establishment's signage to help get more customers through the door? Bespoke signage experts, Esign Media, will help you with the best restaurant, bar and pub signs Colchester can offer, transforming your hospitality establishment into the go-to place for a bite to eat or a few drinks with friends and family.

The transformation of Colchester’s city centre

If you own or manage a bar or restaurant in Colchester, you will know how difficult it can be to get potential customers to opt for your venue over all of the many food and drink options they have to choose from. There was a time that Colchester city centre (or Colchester town, as it was then), was a thriving hub of shops and market stalls, where the residents of Colchester descended in their droves each day to buy pretty much whatever they needed. But with the rise of online shopping, coupled with several large retail villages arising on the edges of the city, the city of Colchester has seen a big change in the centre in the last 10-15 years.

The big department stores like Debenhams, Williams & Griffiths and British Home Stores have all disappeared. The city centre has transformed itself to become filled with restaurants and bars, making it more of a destination for a night out than a place to shop. With so many restaurants, bars, food outlets and pubs competing for both the local trade and the tourist trade, the industry has become extremely competitive. This is why ensuring you have the best restaurant, bar or pub signs Colchester has to offer has become so important! It is critical that your hospitality business stands out from your competitors significantly and draws people through the doors. One of the best ways to do this is to showcase the kind of eye-catching restaurant, bar and pub signs Colchester residents and visitors will really notice.

Benefits of eye-catching exterior signage

Why do the places that offer the best restaurant, bar or pub signs Colchester displays attract more custom? Well, there are many benefits to having striking and unmistakable exterior signage for hospitality businesses. Eye-catching signage has been proven to capitalise on impulse customers. If your signage looks fresh and interesting, a first-time or indecisive customer is more likely to cross the threshold. Your exterior signage is literally the first thing a potential patron will see and will offer a glimpse of what they can expect inside. Those hospitality establishments that have invested in the best restaurant, bar or pub signs Colchester can boast will be shouting out to customers that theirs is the place to try.

In such a competitive market, it may be that you have to go that extra mile when considering your exterior signage. One great option is to install neon-lit signage. A well-lit, cleverly created sign will attract more patrons to your venue, especially at night. Your exterior signage also helps reinforce your venue's identity. Through your signage choices, you can project to the customer exactly what type of establishment you are aiming to be. This doesn’t just apply to your exterior signage either. The most successful hospitality establishments ensure their signage is consistent throughout the building, from neon signs out the front to wayfinding signage inside that let customers know where the toilets, smoking area or bar is located. If you want the best restaurant, bar or pub signs Colchester can offer then these are all things that need to be considered.

The best restaurant, bar and pub signs Colchester has to offer!

So now you know that if you want your hospitality establishment to stand out from the crowd and get more foot traffic through the doors then you need the best restaurant, bar or pub signs Colchester can offer. This is where bespoke signage specialists Esign Media can help. Unlike other signage companies, we offer a complete signage solution from concept to completion. Within our friendly team, we have designers who will work with you to create the perfect exterior signage for your business, we have the tools to manufacture the signage at our warehouse, and we have experienced signage installers to complete the project. So what are you waiting for? If you want the best restaurant, bar or pub signs Colchester has to offer, contact our expert team today!