What type of bespoke signage is best for my business?

With all of the signage Colchester’s city centre already boasts, how will you make sure your new or refurbished business will stand out and attract custom? Did you know that according to this survey by FedEx, around 75% of new customers will enter a business for the first time based purely on the signage? And around 68% of consumers have actually gone on to purchase a product or service just because they were attracted to exterior signage!

The exterior signage Colchester has to offer shoppers is already extremely competitive, so what can you do to make your business stand out? This is a question we are often asked by our clients. So in this blog, we will discuss the best ways to get your new or refurbished exterior business signage noticed!


First things first. Before you make any decisions on the type of exterior signage you want for your business, it is wise to take a step back and consider your brand as a whole. If you already have design ideas or brand guidelines on colours and fonts that need to be adhered to, it’s best to think about how this will work with the actual branding of the signage. Fortunately, our team at Esign have years of experience in helping customers incorporate their branding into signage designs. We can sit down with you and offer our expertise on what we think would work best for your branding and overall vision!

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What type of signage?

There are many different types of signage Colchester can boast. Just take a walk along either Head Street or the High Street and you will see a huge variety of bespoke signage, in different styles and made from a range of materials. So what type of signage should you choose for your new or refurbished business? There are several factors to consider, including your budget and whether there are any restrictions on the type of exterior signage allowed by the landlord or local council. But should these factors not be a problem, then you have a multitude of options available to you, from stand-off lettering to illuminated signage. We suggest booking a site visit with our expert team so we can walk you through all of the options, styles and materials that are available for your signage.

What other things are there to consider?

Keep things simple! It might be tempting to opt for something really out there, or an overly complicated design. Try to avoid this if possible as it can cause unnecessary confusion (and therefore less footfall through the door). We advise you to keep your signage messaging simple and easy to understand. This also applies to fonts. Whilst a fancy or unusual font may seem appealing to you, think of things from a customer's point of view. Your exterior signage should be easy to read, especially at a glance! When thinking of the variety of signage Colchester has, can you think of any that are overly complicated or which have fonts that are hard to read?

Another tip is to consider how you utilise the space available to you for your exterior signage. Just because you have a large fascia area that could be used, it doesn’t always mean that you should fill it! So long as your exterior signage is clearly visible and legible to all potential passing trade then it is doing its job, sometimes too large a sign can over-complicate or overload a potential customer. So make sure the size of the sign is right for the space available!

signage Colchester with Esign Media

For the best signage Colchester has, contact Esign!

We hope that this blog has been helpful when considering bespoke signage for your new or refurbished business. Esign offers the best signage Colchester offers. We offer full bespoke signage solutions, including design, manufacture and installation. So if you require bespoke signage for your business then contact the Esign team today, we look forward to hearing from you!