3 ways indoor signs can improve your office space!

It goes without saying that there are many different types of signs and signage, all of which serve different purposes and which can impact in different ways. There are the instantly recognisable logos and branding you see outside shops along the high street, which are pure advertising tools to pull you through the doors. There is interior display signage within those stores that let customers know where to go and what is on offer, essentially wayfinding signage to make our shopping experience as simple as possible. There is directional signage in public areas or places, such as a hospital or libraries, that basically stops us from getting lost. All of these types of signs serve a practical function and are definitely helpful, if not downright essential!

But what about other types of signage that can be powerful and impactful in a more imaginative way?

At Esign, creating amazing visuals is what we do best. We know that there can be so much more to signs than simply letting a customer know that a shop is there, which way to go, or what is on offer. Great signage can add style and flair to your workplace, it can create an atmosphere of beauty and culture. In short, great signage can inspire in ways that you may not have thought of before!

Here are 3 ways that signage can be transformed from merely functional essentials to works of art that can complement your office space!

signs and signage with Esign Media

Organise your areas!

Offices have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Where once you would see workers enclosed in their separate cubicles or workspaces, with private offices for management and maybe a conference or meeting room off to one side, now we are seeing a move towards open-plan workspaces. While this creates a more inclusive atmosphere, it can sometimes lead to spaces having no true definition. Basically, employees may not be entirely certain which areas are used for what purpose. So what to do? Well, how about adding in some fun and impactful indoor signs? An ideal solution for this scenario could be vinyl decals, which when placed on either walls or windows will offer a visual illustration of the purpose of the area. And the best part? As they are removable by design they provide the perfect answer for spaces whose purpose may change periodically! Was space previously a break-out area, but is now designated for meetings? Simply take down the break-out area signage and replace it with a meeting design!

Change the feel!

By giving your office space a fun design makeover, not only will you make that area more visually pleasing but you will also inject a sense of levity into the space. Replace sterile walls with interesting signs incorporating company mottos, inspiring quotes or just plain fun graphics, to improve the feel of the space whilst being informative and artistic. If you really want to alter the mood and feel of a space, another option is to add neon lights to particular areas. As this type of signage is traditionally associated with the 40s and 50s, it automatically evokes a sense of nostalgia and offers a fun vibe whilst doing a real job. There is a reason a lot of restaurants still use neon to create a fun atmosphere for their customers!

signs and signage with Esign Media

Don’t forget the floors!

It makes sense to think that signs should be at eye level or above since this will make them more visible and hard to miss. But when you think about it, when walking your eye is naturally drawn to the floor space a few feet in front of you. So why not utilise this space with some fantastic floor signage? Floors are prime real estate for using visually stunning vinyl graphics, whether it is used for directional purposes, informational purposes, or simply just for artistic purposes!

Make the change today!

So as you can see, although there are many types of signs and signage, with a little imagination you can transform your office space from the mundane to the extraordinary! Contact Esign today to discuss how we can help your office make the change!