The different types of sign installation Essex can look forward to with Esign

Esign is an expert graphic solution company that specialises in everything signage, even wall art! Whatever type of sign installation you need, Esign Media has got you covered. 

To help get you convinced, here's a look at the different sign installation Essex has seen from us recently.

Signage holds all kinds of power. It can direct people, provide information, present your brand to the world and more often than not, draw in new customers and clients. Signage may as well be considered the face of your company, and with so much influence and effect, it's highly important you find the right signage company that will do it justice. 

We know Esign has the power to create super signage that will go above and beyond expectations for years to come. How do we know this? Esign has already provided exceptional work to numerous businesses and people, giving them the most excellent sign installation Essex has seen. We can help you too!

Directional signage

Directional signage is always helpful in making the desired destination easy to find. This type of signage solution should be treated as a must have. There's not much worse than your customers going on a wild goose chase just to find your entrance!

Esign has years of professional experience in creating attractive directional signage that gets straight to the point. 

Esign Media have recently created a simple yet elegant design for Colchester restaurant Kintsu’s directional signage. Our inventive design team was able to create this sleek, subtle sign with a classy feel to fit the restaurant's overall brand identity. It's attractive and elegant while still getting the job done in giving clear directions to those who recognise the name or logo. 

Sign installation Essex with Esign

External signage

Besides directing people to a destination with directional signage, signage is also made to attract customers. Having eye catching, attractive external signage that will help promote your business and draw in potential customers is key to a successful business. Fortunately, Esign has many external signage options available to choose from, meaning you have more than one way to display! Whether that's illuminated signage to make sure your business is spottable in the dark, projecting signage so that your business is visible from all angles or engraved plaques to fit those wanting to give off an elegant impression, we’ve got an option for you. 

One of our most popular external signage solutions is suspended signage. This type of outdoor sign is ideal for businesses wanting to stand out. Not only do they look incredibly professional and classy, but they offer a playful and creative way to promote your company. Esign uses a high quality weatherproof vinyl. This means our signs are made to stand harsh weather so that you can have whatever your desired text, logo or image displayed for years to come.

Le Talbooth, an award winning restaurant in the countryside, opted for Esigns suspended signage to make sure they could be seen from the road or from a distance. Not only is this hanging sign charming and fairytale like, but the added lighting source means Le Talbooth is illuminated 24/7.

Sign installation Essex with Esign

Temporary signage

The need for signage doesn't stop as soon as you’ve acquired the basics of displaying your business and creating directions for it. Esign has many clients who continuously use our signage for promoting deals and advertising events. This is where our temporary and pop-up signage is your company's best friend. 

A repeat client who we work closely with is Milsom Hotels, who offer event spaces around Essex. As the winter weather creeps in, Milsom are now looking to promote their spaces for Christmas parties. With new events to promote, comes new bespoke signage to install! 

After establishing exactly what Milsom were after, Esign were able to create and install the perfect pop-up signage to promote ‘The Hangar’. Even on temporary and pop-up signage, Esign delivered high-quality and professional results. The signage displays clearly all the information passing public members would need to know while looking glossy and glamorous. As always, this sign isn't going anywhere thanks to the best sign installation Essex can offer. 

Sign installation Essex with Esign


When it comes to internal signage, Esign has a range of graphic solutions to display your brand. From frosted glass graphics to wallpaper, whatever way you want to advertise, Esign are here to help.

If you have kids and live in the Colchester area you'll be well aware of Go Bananas! Known for being a fun filled adventure land by many, the companies internal graphics were outdated and didn't hold up to the “best place ever” standard that many children hold Go Bananas at. 

Esign Media's artful graphics team created the ultimate new and improved design to give the company a refreshed internal look. You guessed it - big, bright, bold and fun.

Using only the latest and greatest printing technology and a visit from the best sign installation Essex has, Go Bananas now have a new look which will last for years to come. 

Sign installation Essex with Esign

Sign Installation Essex

Whatever signage solutions you need, Esign are here to help. With years of experience and a passionate, dedicated team, we are here to help all your signage dreams come true. Get in touch here to see what signage could benefit you. Who will you call for the best sign installation Essex has? Esign Media