Signage Matters

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Signage Matters

When setting up a new business, there’s a wealth of information available, be it through the internet, the government or other similar places.

However, the often overlooked part of setting up a business is it’s identity. What does your business represent and how does it show this to your customer? Neglecting this matter often leads or lends itself to the image of a neglected business that is not tended to, nor cared for.

A sloppy logo and sloppy signage sends sub-conscious messages about the quality of your work and sets you on the back foot against competitors who may have spent more time developing a representative image. Whilst this sounds drastic you must remember that signage represents you every hour of every day and is the customers first impression of the business. Just like in face to face meetings, those first minutes of contact set the tone of future conversations and future collaborations in work.

So how should I fix this problem with my business? How do I transform my displays and better represent myself? The first step in changing the course of your business is to place image and identity in the front of the mind. You & the image must become image-centric, focusing on how you are represented in every decision you make. Signage and marketing should not just be implemented as an after thought when business has passed through. A set plan should be in place to spread awareness about your brand and what it can do for others.

Companies who understand and appreciate the value of good marketing and signage see it as an investment that will be repaid by the increase in sales as a result of focused work. Organisations who do not value their image are neglecting the business and placing real ties on how quickly (if at all) the company can grow.

The second method to fix this issue is to get a professional company such as Esign to help and aid spread the message of your business. Having worked on high profile campaigns such as those for Virgin Media, Blackberry and Ralph Lauren. Esign know the market and know the consumer. We are able to produce bespoke products that are eye-catching and act as the perfect first port of call for a new customer or the repeating shopper. Providing something for everyone Esign delivers quality results and transforms your premises into a marketing voice that is projected to your customers.