Making the most of your exhibition display stand

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Making the most of your exhibition display stand

Exhibitions and events have risen to prominence in recent years, and when done well are an incredibly powerful way to get your message out to the people who matter and, quite simply, attract new customers. But given the investment of time and money you put into your exhibition display stand and how you use it, it’s important to get as much as you can out of the experience. Here are a few tips.

Exhibition selection.

Take the time to choose an exhibition that will be most relevant to your target market. The previous year’s visitor numbers and indeed information about individual attendees may be obtainable from exhibition organisers. This information is invaluable in determining how suitable a given exhibition is. See if companies from your sector exhibited last year, and if they will be again this year. If they are not, you should be asking why.

It’s a good idea not to select a stand near the entrance. While it might sound ideal, people have just arrived and are just becoming accustomed to the exhibition space; they may not feel like jumping straight into the first stand they see and are likely to want to stroll around first.

A little known fact is that most visitors have a tendency to turn left once they enter an exhibition, so try to get a stand in a place that takes advantage of this.

While the organiser should have done a lot of marketing to ensure the right kind of people attend, you should not rely on this. Make your customers and social media followers aware of the exhibition, and send out emails to appropriate contacts. Take out an ad in your trade press. Think about special offers you can incorporate into your exhibition display stand. Be sure to plan these in advance if they need to feature in the graphics on your display.

We’ll be bringing you many more tips on capitalising on your exhibition very soon.

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